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IVAQ 2009 + MMU Olympics Appreciation Dinner

*super lengthy and image heavy post*

And again, it's the busy time of the year..
but it's not the busiest for me.

IVAQ 2009 was held at Seri Negeri last weekend
where i was one of the sub-committees for Special Task division.

fyi, IVAQ stands for "Inter Varsity Accounting Quiz"

IVAQ is an annual event organized by the Accounting Club
whereby the majority of Accounting students attend the event mostly because of the bonus marks issue.

you see, for certain subjects.. the lecturers will give extra marks for those who attend IVAQ.
so whether you like it or not, you just gotta attend it as the extra points really worth alot.

for my batch,
Taxation = 3 marks
MA 2 = 1 mark

anyway back to the story.

so the pre-event day, all committees were required to meet up at the venue for preparations and rehearsal (for the emcees and ushers).

meet my boss aka sista, YJ!!

besides me, there were 2 classmates of mine who are in this division.

mr Tan Chia Khuan aka CK

mr Ling Ching Yang, second year in Special Task division.. just like me.

for Special Task, our tasks were all about chairs.....

arranging the chairs in the hall.

wiping these 300 chairs and arranging them. these chairs are for the eating area. i wiped those chairs till my hand ached =.=

the eating area for the audiences. look at those 300 chairs that i've wiped! cantik rite?
*shed tears*

other than that, we also shifted chairs and tables here and there.
but since i was a girl (LOL), i didn't get to help out much.

though our tasks weren't much, but we stayed at the venue from 4pm till 11pm.
like, WTH rite?

.......and we had to reach campus at 7am the following morning.

in the morning, Ching Yang and myself was in charge of sending the audience (students) to the venue by bus. we took turns to sit in the bus from MMU to Seri Negeri to MMU again. since it was raining heavily that morning, we had to "protect" the participants from the rain by umbrella-ing (LOL, lazy to think of the correct term laa) them into the venue.

i tell you lah,
Special Task = Coolie.
we're the most HARDWORKING committees among all okay?

anyway meet my boss in formal wear.

lengzai right? sista, happy not? :P

my nametag. thank God it's spelt CORRECTLY.

overall, i felt that the time estimation of the event wasn't really that good.
program flow arrangement wasn't really efficient as the quiz ended very late.
many students got bored halfway and left right after they managed to sign attendance.

beginning of the quiz.

by 5pm. look at those empty chairs! and the quiz was still going on.

but anyhow, i did stay okay? :P
i entertained myself by taking pictures with lotsa people.

Sherrilynn, one of MMU participants :)

Lee Chuan, Internal PR asst director

Ying Ying, IVAQ's ah long.

Andy aka "ni de niao!!" (inside joke... LOL) he's the Event's Asst Director. don't play play.

Yi Hui aka Kidd. Technical asst director.

btw Su-Lyn, don't you think he looks abit like Grace..?? LOL.

and last but not least, guess who i met?!

Yixuan!! representing Taylors.. :)

Special Task division.. but not everyone were present in this pic, including Boss.


That night itself, Badminton Club had a mini Appreciation Dinner for the MMU Olympic winners at Shibaraku.

Eng Heng, Josephine and I reached the place late because we were stucked in a heavy jam along the way. we reached the place almost KO-ed because we were too hungry.

and maybe because it was Josephine's first time at Shibaraku, she took lotsa food to makan and she didn't managed to finish up the food in the end. LOL. even me and Eng Heng couldn't help her because we were equally BLOATED.

everyone present except Eng Heng, Josephine and me.

the 3 of us :)

after dinner, everyone dismissed and the 3 of us went to Amigo to meet up with Wen Yah.
but then, i forgot to take pics with her.. =.=

the sampat us

we saw this cute lil doggie in this car next to us. so cute laaa...... :D:D:D

later, we went to 3 housing areas to look at BIG HOUSES.
imagine how bored and "suaku" we were.
we were like, "wahhhh....."-ing and "ooohh......"-ing all the time.

we went for yumcha after that and went home. i practically dropped dead the moment i reached home. had a lil bit of fever and menstrual cramp as well. probably due to exhaustion and lack of sleep for the past 2 weeks.

wow, this post is super lengthy wei. i don't think anyone of you people would actually finish reading this post. haha..

here's something random for you,
i dreamt of KKK last night!!! :D:D:D

till then, mwah!

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